An Ancient Water Flower Song                        一首故老的浪花歌

Cloud, rain, water, tears and waves,                 雲, 雨, 水, 淚與浪花,
Thirst, anchor, bless, sanctify and bathe,        渴慕, 碇泊, 祝福, 聖化和澡身浴德,
Crystal, turquoise, golden, bright and ray,      湖綠, 透亮, 金黃, 熌爍跟光芒四射,
Four seasons’ of time, year after year,              四季時光, 年逐年,
Flowers never die, day after day,                       花朵不逝, 曰継曰,
People go,                                                               人去留空,
Love fades,                                                             愛亦永別,
Only color stays,                                                   唯獨色彩長存,
As the Rainbow says!                                           就如彩虹的諾言!

Lauren Wan                                                           温少芸